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Logan Cooper at the Bluebird Cafe, Nashville - November 2021

I had the most incredible experience performing one of my original songs at the iconic Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee. The Bluebird is known for showcasing the brilliant and talented singer-songwriters that are responsible for writing the hit tunes we listen to on repeat. The shows at the Bluebird follow a format called "in a round" where musicians take turns introducing and playing their songs. Kylie Sackley (not pictured) was generous enough to give up her seat for a round to allow me to play. I can't thank Jeff Cohen (screen right) enough for his warmth and kindness which you can feel strongly in his introduction of my performance. Phil Barton (screen left) could not have been more supportive. All three names I mention are fantastic singer-songwriters and you should check them out as you'll probably already know their music! Thanks for listening to this very special song I wrote about my Mom. 

*video starts at 1:30*

Kylie Sackley -

Jeff Cohen -

Phil Barton 

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